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Based in Florence via degli Alfani after eight years in Tours ion the banks of the Loire, I create ceramics with vegetable and organic inspirations sometimes enhanced with gold or platinum.

It was in Florence, Italy that I learned the trade of ceramist from Romano Pampaloni.
Nicoletta Malavolti taught me earthenware decoration.
Back in France, I moved away from classic shapes and decorations and gradually developed a range of contemporary decorative objects.
However, I have kept from these first years in Tuscany, in addition to a precious technical knowledge transmitted by two masters of Italian ceramics, the sense of handwork. The material imposes repetition and from repetition comes creativity.
My approach is part of artistic craftsmanship. Each of my pieces is entirely shaped by hand without molding. Thus produced, my ceramics bear the trace of the hand and are the result of a personal gaze.



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